Amazing New "Mind Body Science" Unlocks the Code That is Causing Low Self-Esteem…Keeping You from Realizing:

  • You are beautiful…

  • You are competent…

  • You are fun to be around…

  • You have valid opinions and good ideas…

  • You deserve to feel good about yourself…

If You Can Follow a Few Easy Steps, Then You Can Quickly Remove the Unseen Blockages That Are Preventing You from Truly Loving Yourself...

   Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you were more confident? Wouldn't you love to feel good about your body instead of dreading it as you look in the mirror? Do you shy away from meetings or social gatherings because you're afraid others will laugh at you or not take your opinions seriously?

   You are suffering from low "self esteem." In other words, you do not value yourself very highly. And that's sad.

   Hidden inside you are a set of scripts that play in your mind like a movie projector telling such things as..."you're not special," "you're not pretty or handsome"..."nobody likes you"..."your ideas are not worthy"...and so on.

   These destructive scripts are fully automated and continue throughout your day and in fact during your entire life! They were planted there long ago by past experiences and people that you may have been unaware of at the time. These scripts are self-defeating and prevent you from experiencing a happy, confident life.

But what if I could change that for you?

   What if I could teach you a proven technology that can quickly remove the barriers standing in your way of self-esteem—Barriers that prevent you from achieving the abundant self confidence you've only dreamed of?

“Imagine Looking in the Mirror and Liking What You See... How Would Your Life Be Different if You Were Able to Confidently Socialize or Run a Meeting at Work... How Much More Would You Squeeze Out of Life if You Were Motivated to Take Charge and Just Do It?...”    

   Hello, I’m Dr Barry Marks, DC; I’ve been specializing in natural pain relief and drugless therapies for over 20 years. I’ve been an Associate Clinical Professor at a leading chiropractic college and my good reputation has been built on my ability to help people.

   In my quest to find information and techniques to benefit my patients and personal improvement coaching clients, I studied and developed a deeper understanding of a type of mind body science called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

   Frankly, EFT was a whole new world for me because my entire professional career was dedicated to “hard” science. Science that could be measured and proven in terms I was familiar with. Mind body science was "out there." Sure, I rationally understood that there is a link between the brain and the body, but even as an experienced pain doctor, I didn't realize how extensive that link was or how profoundly our thoughts and emotions affected our physical body until I began studying this alternative medicine science.

It's a funny thing that brought this technology into my life…

   I was exploring a new business venture totally unrelated to my health care practice and needed some help. Along my journey for answers on how to make this business venture come together, I was advised to try EFT. It was explained to me that something inside me was blocking my ability to manifest the right conditions for my prospective business. Eager to succeed, I looked into this “EFT mind body thing.”

   What I found shocked me. Honestly, I thought it was kinda “hokey.” But since it came so highly recommended by a very reliable source, I thought, “okay, what the heck, I’ll try it.” After only a few short EFT sessions I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of me! I began to see problems in a different light and was able to focus better. The business plans began to materialize almost without effort. I was now manifesting my desires easily where before I couldn't force them to work.

   After using this program for myself, I was finally able to admit to myself that despite all of my past achievements and successes, I had a self-esteem issue. And although I had achieved much in my life, I realized I could do so much more if I would just let go of the past and allow the wonderful person hiding inside me to truly flourish.

   Enthused by my great personal results with this self help, mind body therapy, I studied more and actually took some courses online. I then began using the technique on my staff and selected patients. They too enjoyed phenomenal results. More mind body medicine research led me to discover further ways to influence the brain and thereby remove barriers to not only healing, but also success, personal achievement and relationships.

    After seeing my success in my new business venture, I was asked by a patient to design a program that could help her self particular she didn't view her body well and in fact had struggled with this issue most of her life. I sincerely wanted to help her, so I began to develop a program that erased her negative beliefs and terrible self criticism and replaced them with powerful images that allowed her to realize just how beautiful she was and how everyone else already saw her that way...

You Wouldn't Believe What Happened Next?...

    After using this information, my patient was able to truly love herself and see her body as a beautiful and wonderful creation of God. She began to appreciate her physical and spiritual beauty and commenced to come out of her shell. She was transformed into a confident, radiant woman!

    The very same program I developed for her has been refined and is now available as a self help e-book and audio program

"EFT for Self Esteem"


    Don’t worry. This is not some complicated book with lots of metaphysical jargon. It is a very simple, step-by-step self help guide that is extremely easy to read and can be implemented in a matter of minutes. Anyone can learn and master this.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this compassionate mind body program:

  • You’ll learn what EFT is and why many people feel this technology is revolutionizing the alternative medical and personal achievement fields.
  • You’ll learn why your blockages are totally hidden from you…and trust me, you’ll be surprised when they bubble up to surface and you deal with them quickly and easily.
  • You’ll learn from a master healer, how to use your mind to truly see in yourself what others see, easily and effortlessly.
  • You’ll learn the single, most powerful point on the body that can get your brains attention and focus it on accepting and loving your self. This amazing mind body science still boggles my mind!
  • You’ll learn the 8 key points on your body that serve to neutralize all negative emotions and hold the key to unlock the beautiful, funny, competent person that lies within your shell.
  • You’ll learn to implement the power of your mind quickly and easily to build confidence and help every aspect of your life.

Now Please Answer These Questions….

  • Don’t you deserve to feel good about yourself?
  • Shouldn’t you have the most abundantly happy and fulfilled life possible?

   Of course you do! And with me as your self help EFT facilitator, you can achieve it.

How much is this program worth to you?

     Let's put it in proper perspective: One 15 minute EFT session with me in my office is $85. I truly believe that is a fair fee for a one-on-one session that can unblock things that may have been plaguing you for years. Most patients sign up for 6 sessions, that amounts to $509, still not a great sum really.  

But look at this...

     The initial price for this powerful mind body EFT e-book, which you will be able to use over and over is only $19.97! I've probably set the price too low. Maybe I have, but I feel compelled to provide this powerful pain relieving information to as many people I can. The only way to do that is to offer it at a fair price and I think I have done that. That doesn't mean the price will not go up later, it may very well happen. So don't delay, order while you are getting a bargain.

Oh and another thing...

     In case you'd like me to guide you through your EFT sessions, I've also recorded an mp3 audio file that you can download. It's just like having me right there in your living room or car. It's as close to being in my office as possible! The audio download is only $29.97. Now that's a great bargain! All the material that is in the book is contained in the audio program---word for word.

One last thing...I promise!...

     Many people really enjoy having the book as a reference and workbook AND have the audio. If you'd like both you will save $9.97. The combo pack is only $39.97. That's the best possible deal on this life changing product.

Original EFT e-Book....................$19.97

Newly recorded Audio program.....$29.97

e-Book & Audio Combo Pack........$49.94...only $39.97

 Save $9.97!

   Ok, enough talking, Go ahead and order your book, audio or combo right now.

“Click Here to Order Now by PayPal

   You know, the longer you wait to order, the more you prolong your unhappiness. That empty feeling will remain and you'll continue to wonder what your life could be like "if only..." Procrastination and worry are forms of fear and keep you from what you truly desire. There's no reason to worry if this is worth the small investment, because my program is guaranteed.














With a guarantee like that, you have nothing to lose. There really is no good reason not to order.



     Listen to me for just another second... I know there's a beautiful and confident person inside of you just yearning to see the light of day. Why don't you let me help you discover this person and bring him or her out to shine for the whole world to see. I am confident that you CAN do this and I look forward to hearing about your success.

   Warmest regards,


   P.S. Remember the sooner you act, the sooner you will remove the blocks from your path to a confident new life! If you haven't already, go back up and order your copy now. Hey, it's guaranteed, so there's absolutely no risk on your part!



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