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A Healthy & Pain Free Life | Success | Self Esteem | Serenity

Freedom from Pain Without Drugs | Personal Coaching with Dr Marks


Amazing New "Mind Body Science" Unlocks the Code That is Preventing Your Pain Relief, Success in Life and Business, Self Esteem or Peace of Mind…


If You Can Follow a Few Easy Steps, Then You Can Quickly Remove the Hidden Blockages That Are Keeping You from Attracting the Life of Your Dreams...


Hi I'm Dr. Barry L. Marks, DC.

I have created these breakthrough programs just for you...to help you help yourself, quickly, easily and inexpensively without drugs or years of psychotherapy.

Don’t worry. These are not some complicated books with lots of medical or metaphysical jargon. They are very simple, step-by-step self help guides and audio programs that are extremely easy to understand and can be implemented in a matter of minutes. Anyone can learn and master this exciting science technology.

Here’s What You Can Expect to Learn From These Important Mind Body Medicine Self-Help Programs...

  • You’ll learn what EFT is and why many people feel this technology is revolutionizing the alternative medical field.
  • You’ll learn why your blockages are totally hidden from you…and trust me, you’ll be surprised when they bubble up to surface and you deal with them quickly and easily.
  • You’ll learn from a master of physical pain relief, how to use your mind to quell chronic pain that nothing else has been able to touch.
  • You'll learn from my own personal experience, how to excel at business, sports and relationships, demolish negative self image and create serenity on demand.
  • You’ll learn the single, most powerful point on the body that can get your brains attention and focus it on healing yourself. This amazing mind body science still boggles my mind!
  • You’ll learn the 8 key points on your body that serve to neutralize all negative emotions and hold the key to free you of locked away pain, lack of success, self esteem issues and stress.
  • You’ll learn to implement the power of your mind quickly and easily to help literally every aspect of your life.

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EFT for  Healthy and Pain Free Life
What do you do when pain or illness persists despite numerous treatments? Why do others find relief of their symptoms, but the same treatment doesn’t work for you?...


EFT for Success
Ever wonder why some people seemingly succeed without even trying, while others labor endlessly with no results? The answer may lie in deep-seated emotional blockages that actually prevent them from success...


EFT for Self Esteem
 “You are beautiful…You are competent…
You are fun to be around…You have valid opinions and good ideas…You deserve to feel good about yourself…” If don't whole heartedly agree with these statements, please read this book...


EFT for Serenity
Ever feel like the whole world just might come crashing down on your head any minute now?  Been told you need to relax more, but don't know how? This program will take you by the hand and relive your stress and worry and attract a state of serenity that you yearn for...

Freedom from Pain Without Drugs
“Imagine a Life Without Pain…what would you do differently? Would you be out playing golf? Go for a hike? Play with your kids or grand kids? How about just go for a walk with your loved one?” This 15 min guided meditation will tech you how to unleash your brain to relieve pain...   

Each program is carefully designed to relieve a specific life issue and attract healing and abundance. They are easy to follow and you will feel results quickly. I stand behind these programs 100%. Each program has a money back guarantee, so please take a look and create the life of your dreams now.

     Congratulations on taking charge of your health and your life! I am confident these programs will help you achieve the level of health, success, self esteem and serenity you've been looking for. I look forward to hearing about your success.

   Warmest regards,




A Healthy & Pain Free Life | Success | Self Esteem | Serenity

Freedom from Pain Without Drugs | Personal Coaching with Dr Marks

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